Wooo got a job

So today I got a phone call around 7am, I got a job finally.  I’ll be working at a financial office taking care of filling, organization and answering phones along with light custodial work…..basically a gopher.  My hours will be about 9am till between 1 and 3 pm monday through friday and I start tomorrow, cannot wait.

Hopefully I can get the ball rolling and get something done.  Next step will be to call my gear head nephew’s friend about a car.  On my way.

He had to shoot someone at lunch

Tuesday was a fine California day, full of sunshine and promise, until Harry Lyon had to shoot someone at lunch.

That is a line that hooked me throughout my favorite book.  Perhaps I am simple, perhaps I just have the innate curiosity to want to know the who/what/when/where/why of the situation but either way I needed to know more and in doing so was taken on one heck of a ride.  I suppose you can call this an addendum to my previous review on Dragon Tears, it just fits so well within that same frame.

That line is what hooked me and in short, that line is why you should read the book.  Highly recommended. Sometimes the first line is all you need.

WordPress for android updated with more material for android was just updated featuring more material design elements in the recent 3.5 push.

* Material redesign and overall redesign (round avatars, new icons, color scheme update)
* Mentions auto-completion in comments (start typing “@username” for the username of another user on your blog, within a comment area)
* New grid layout for Media Library on tablets
* Fetch blog visibility status on first login
* Bug fixes

Download from the Play Store

My blah blog

I guess I just can’t participate in the Blogging 101 this year.  I have no stable internet and have to tether off a 2g connection which absolutely sucks, whenever I do try to sit and write I have to get up and do other things, I just have hardly no time to be able to dedicate to the blog or the assignments not to mention the fact I am totally confused as to what assignments are posted when, where, how, why.  I am completely lost.

Not that it’s anything new I mean I am lost most of the time anyway.  I’ll just go back to how I had it before.  Posting whenever about whatever I feel like it.  There doesn’t need to be any schedule or anything for my blog.  It’s a whatever page and it’ll have a whatever attitude.  Blah….

Good to go

I think I am finally done with the theme changes for now,  I am fairly satisfied with the look my site currently has.  I also spent the last hour or so making sure each post adhered to a particular format and from here on out all posts of each type will follow the same guidelines.  The key here is consistency.

Tomorrow I am going to clean up my tags and categories in order to make things easier to find.