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BAM gotta get up

Life, it happens way too fast, and when you look back you can’t help but wonder where everything went. It seems that sometimes it goes by way too fast, like finally falling asleep then BAM you gotta get up.
BAM gotta get up



Review: A Letter from Auschwitz

A Letter from Auschwitz
A Letter from Auschwitz by Cynthia Southern
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Not so much a book as it is an extended newspaper article it still serves to accurately highlight, even if brief, the importance of the single letter. What the person may have been thinking and feeling at the time. If nothing else it gives you reason to pause and try to place yourself in their shoes and is enough to want to research the topic further.

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Eureka Moments: Posting vs Editing

It came to me out of the blue as I walked to the market to get eggs.  Suddenly what I needed to do became all to clear, as my grandma used to say “If it was a snake it would have bitten you”.

It was so obvious but I just didn’t think of it.  was trying to figure out what I could do to improve my writing skills, now I believe I have the answer, proper editing.