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My blah blog

I guess I just can’t participate in the Blogging 101 this year.  I have no stable internet and have to tether off a 2g connection which absolutely sucks, whenever I do try to sit and write I have to get up and do other things, I just have hardly no time to be able to dedicate to the blog or the assignments not to mention the fact I am totally confused as to what assignments are posted when, where, how, why.  I am completely lost.

Not that it’s anything new I mean I am lost most of the time anyway.  I’ll just go back to how I had it before.  Posting whenever about whatever I feel like it.  There doesn’t need to be any schedule or anything for my blog.  It’s a whatever page and it’ll have a whatever attitude.  Blah….

Short rant regarding snapchat

I know I’m a bit of an odd ball but I don’t get it. I understand Snapchat is a popular service and stuff but considering what they are doing with permanently banning their users with zero explanation I don’t think they deserve our patronage.

In the email all they state is that using a 3rd party app could be insecure which is correct but that’s up to the user from then on to choose what to do. Banning them is wrong and not saying why just shows a complete lack of care for this particular set of users.

Yet after their actions and inactions everyone still wants an official app? What about the people who can no longer use the service?