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Wooo got a job

So today I got a phone call around 7am, I got a job finally.  I’ll be working at a financial office taking care of filling, organization and answering phones along with light custodial work…..basically a gopher.  My hours will be about 9am till between 1 and 3 pm monday through friday and I start tomorrow, cannot wait.

Hopefully I can get the ball rolling and get something done.  Next step will be to call my gear head nephew’s friend about a car.  On my way.

End of year blues

I write this with a heavy head, the end of the year always kind of get’s to me for whatever reason.  I think it may be because it’s one day similar to your birthday that really personifies the passage of time.  It reminds you that ANOTHER year has gone by, then I naturally look at where I am at and wonder what I am doing.

I mean I am trying, I try all the time, I am very happy with myself and all things considered my life could be MUCH WORSE it’s just that at 35 this is not where I imagined I would be.  The years seem to be getting shorter as well making the crunch all the more painful and worrying.

I am sure this probably sounded like some sort of depressed teenagers post about his cat not looking at him or whatever, honestly my situation brings me down but I am just fine.  The holidays just get to me.  Well this is more or less just a status update post anyway.  Due to the holidays, family, some unexpected goings on and general life stuff there is a chance I won’t be around until middle of the first week in January.  I will at least try to jump on, respond to comments, probably do my quotes but can’t promise too much more than that.

Hopefully I don’t need to take a few days,  but just in case.

Good to go

I think I am finally done with the theme changes for now,  I am fairly satisfied with the look my site currently has.  I also spent the last hour or so making sure each post adhered to a particular format and from here on out all posts of each type will follow the same guidelines.  The key here is consistency.

Tomorrow I am going to clean up my tags and categories in order to make things easier to find.

Some changes

As you probably have noticed I have changed the sites theme, I just wanted a bit of a change to reflect the blog’s and my personalities and style.  I also made a Facebook page cause why not. I’d appreciate a follow on Twitter and/or a like on Facebook if you were so inclined, if you have any feedback feel free to leave a comment.  Thanks everyone

Possible holiday downtime

Considering it’s the holiday (yay?) I may not be around for a day or so. Although I am trying to post daily it just may not be possible. I also may be looking into other themes soon as well. Happy Holidays.

Update:  I think I’ll use this time to update the graphics used in the site.