Policies and Guidelines

Site Rules

Yeah, I don’t like “rules” either but in order for all of us to have an enjoyable experience I need to lay down a couple of things that I would appreciate are followed. These may be changed or adjusted as time goes on.

1. Please refrain from posting only one word responses.  While I don’t expect everyone to write a college thesis in a comment I certainly don’t want to just see “LOL” or anything else.  This is a community and as such we need to encourage discussion when and where possible.

2. Spam and self promotion are not allowed under normal circumstances.  Spam is never allowed but you may promote your site at my Appreciation page.  If you would like to promote yourself go to the appreciation page, post your link with a short description of what you write about and come say hi.

3.  Don’t harass people on my site, respect others as you would like to be respected.  People will have a different opinion then you, it’s just a fact of life and there are many mature ways we can handle it without resorting to sexism, racism, bigotry of any sort.  Please do not do that, if you cannot please don’t comment, if someone is harassing others in my comments contact me directly via the Contact page.

4. Lastly for now please try to keep on topic.  Try to refrain from posting about cats in a post about Canada, it doesn’t do anything for the discussion being had.  If I follow you, like one of your posts or if you found my blog and just want to leave a comment not relating to a post you may do so in my Appreciation page.


Awards Policy

I would never expect any awards, nor am I doing this for any kind of award or reward.  If I do happen to be nominated for any however I will gladly accept the nomination of such recognition.


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