Been Packaging

So I know I haven’t been around for a while and I know I wanted to try to update this blog more often (like daily if possible) but I’ve been busy packaging some apps for my fellow elementaryOS users. I went ahead and created my own PPA (personal package archive) on launchpad and started packaging third-party applications that conform to the elementary HIG (human interface guidelines). This has taken a fair bit of time because when I started I had absolutely zero idea how to do any of it and have had to learn on the fly.


Wooo got a job

So today I got a phone call around 7am, I got a job finally.  I’ll be working at a financial office taking care of filling, organization and answering phones along with light custodial work…..basically a gopher.  My hours will be about 9am till between 1 and 3 pm monday through friday and I start tomorrow, cannot wait.

Hopefully I can get the ball rolling and get something done.  Next step will be to call my gear head nephew’s friend about a car.  On my way.