Welcome to the about me page of this blog.  These things always feel like talking to an answering machine and I never know what to say to those things.  Well I assume you would like to know a little bit about me.  Perhaps my experiences, where I’ve been and why I created this blog in the first place.  Heh, I think I can oblige you with that.
My name is Kenny and I am from California, that is to say I was raised here but I was actually born in Ft. Smith Arkansas and came to California merely weeks later to be raised.  Growing up I was an extremely shy, extremely withdrawn but very smart and very affectionate child.

I had a few friends here and there but nothing lasted very long so I learned quite well from a young age the power and wonder of a vivid imagination.  As I grew a little older I started putting down the thoughts in my head on paper.  Much of which I’m sure made absolutely no sense to anybody and that includes me but it felt good to put into words the things I was imagining.

As you may imagine from there it just built up more and more.  I started writing every single day, I was part of the school news paper, I was excited for English class….until something happened.  Something happened that practically forced me to have to put my writing on hold for many years and those years took a toll on me.  I found it increasingly difficult to gather my thoughts in such a way as to properly tell my story so…I gave up.

Sometimes in life we fall, not because we cannot do it, but in order to see if we can still get back up


I have been through much and learned much since then and I am ready to let my energies flow and create something again.  I want to exercise my brain and (hopefully) create something that other people may enjoy as well.  That’s why I am here, that’s why this site exists.

I hope you enjoy your little stay here,  I hope you can find something that you will enjoy or at very least something that will prompt you to interact with me and have a dialogue. I look forward to the social aspect of having a website as much as anything else.

Besides writing I am also very passionate about “Geek Culture” as well.  Things such as Technology, Comics, Sci-Fi and Fantasy, as well as Music and Movies.  In fact I would expect much of the content on this website to be topics which satisfy my very geeky side.  Regardless of what ends up in the pages of the blog one thing is certain.  It will be a mixture of  all the different things that I enjoy and that I enjoy talking and sharing opinions about.



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