Gnome Software and more packaging

As I have mentioned before I have been packaging some applications for elementary OS and somehow I caught the attention of some of the team members and was brought on to help package some software for the distribution with the main team.

My first ‘task’ is to try to get gnome-software installed and running on the latest version of elementary OS “Freya”, OK easy enough task right?  The version of gnome-software concurrent with the gtk+ version included in the distro (gtk 3.14) for the most part doesn’t need anything special besides an update to packagekit.  Ubuntu 14.04, which Freya is based on, includes packagekit 0.8.12 and gnome-software 3.14.2, the version I am working with, requires packagekit 1.0.0.  Easy enough, download the sources, download the dependencies and update packagekit.

Open up gnome-software and……nothing.  You can see all the boxes where application information is SUPPOSED to go but all you get is the boxes with three dots in the middle, almost like it’s trying to refresh something.  After some googling I found a Google plus post by Mr. Dan Rabbit from about a year ago mentioning that packagekit needs to be updated with sudo pkcon refresh and so I did.

OK we are getting somewhere it seems.  opened up a software section and.

OK maybe not,  besides that the software sources claim there are no sources and a lot of the icons are missing.  Well I came this far, I am sure I can do it.  Heck it may just be a matter of my internet being too slow and the packages not being able to refresh.  Hopefully I’ll get this sorted out sooner rather than later.


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