Signals of the body

Sometimes in life someone may have given us some advice, advice that may have changed our lives forever.  At times these are things we may have actually blown off initially, it may take years to register but eventually become so important later on. Now I contend that this type of advice doesn’t have to be the way we normally think of it.  Instead of someone telling us something often times body language can also tell us everything we need to know. To illustrate my point I’ll tell you a little story, a story about a man I once know.  I’ll call him David.

David was homeless but he had great pride in himself.  He dressed in a suit he had bought at the salvation army using money he earned from panhandling.  David was out there ‘hitting the pavement’ each and every single day looking for a job, to better himself.  I felt confident that David would do just fine for him self as I said good-bye and went to live in Albuquerque.

A few years later I returned to California and looked David up, I wanted to see how he was doing.  I was walking down Harbor Blvd here in Fullerton towards the train station which is where he always hung out at.  Coming down the hill I started to smell something really bad.  I rounded the corner and found David, completely drunk and he had soiled himself.  It made me want to cry how this man who was so energetic and positive could just be laying there like that.  He had completely given up on himself and on life.

I vowed right then and there that no matter what happened I would never lose hope and I would never stop trying. That one moment under the bridge near the train station, seeing David like that was more powerful and set me on a better course for my life than any verbal suggestion of piece of advice ever could have.

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Powerful Suggestion


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