The law of three

So what would you do if Karma was proven by science to be true? The question of the day is “would you change the way you live?” I personally think this is a really silly question.

In short no I would not change a thing because I already live my life as if karma were true because I do believe in karma or the law of three, which basically says that whatever you put out into the world, whether it be mentally, physically, emotionally etc. good or bad comes back to you three-fold so it’s really in your best interest to put out as positive an energy as you possibly can. Besides this we as human beings should not need the threat of bad things happening to us (hell, karma, promises of rewards) in order to be good human beings. We should WANT to help each other, to provide support to one another and generally be good, unfortunately this is not the case. Perhaps the priests and clergy of old realized this about human nature and came up with the idea of karma or the golden rule, the law of three, the law of return etc for just this fact.

This brings me to another subject which I won’t get into depth here as it’s just a thought at the moment. Are we as human beings innately bad? Is this why we need motivation to be good? Perhaps it’s all due to our past where we had to fight, and fight hard to survive. Let’s flip it around, let’s say karma is disproved and your actions don’t matter. Personally I’ll still be out there giving sandwiches to the homeless, giving people directions when they need it, holding doors open for people (and not just the elderly or pretty women either) and generally being a good person. No one should have to be threatened to be good.

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2 thoughts on “The law of three

  1. That’s a nice analysis.
    Just for information. Karma, as a term, does not merely mean that we are sure to pay the price of our actions. The term initially meant work itself – any ‘intentional’ work or non-work, even a thought.


    1. such as with the law of three which I referenced in the post. The law of three was by all accounts a precurser to what we currently know as the golden rule. The law of three states anything, emotional, physical, mental etc. Just as you mention.

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