I R Haxor

I’ve been wanting to really jump in and get coding for a long time. The trouble, however has always been the fact there are so many different languages for so many different applications. Because of this I haven’t really been able to buckle down and learn much since I can’t decide what to learn.

Lately I have been leaning much more toward web based technologies (bootstrap, html, java script etc) and I think that may be where my focus will continue. Even if that’s the case I would still like to learn about traditional desktop programming (c++, go, vala, python etc) so to this end I have started a couple really small projects.

These are things that I am sure a ‘real’ programmer would laugh at it’s simplicity but we all have to start somewhere. I am a person who learns by doing, not by reading so off I go into the wild black and green yonder.


What do you have to say?

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