Been Packaging

So I know I haven’t been around for a while and I know I wanted to try to update this blog more often (like daily if possible) but I’ve been busy packaging some apps for my fellow elementaryOS users. I went ahead and created my own PPA (personal package archive) on launchpad and started packaging third-party applications that conform to the elementary HIG (human interface guidelines). This has taken a fair bit of time because when I started I had absolutely zero idea how to do any of it and have had to learn on the fly.

Well here it is a few days later and I feel I have at very least enough of a handle on the way it works now where I will be a little more comfortable moving forward.

In fact I have moved from the applications for now and have started packaging themes, for desktop, plank, icons, as well as wallpapers and other aesthetic bits and bobs. I even started on my own theme for plank (roughly) following the material design philosophy called paperterial.

If anyone happens upon this blog post that uses elementaryOS (specifically Freya) and you have any favorite themes, wallpapers, icon packs etc that you use and looks good, let me know in the comments so I can package them up.


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