BAM gotta get up

Life, it happens way too fast, and when you look back you can’t help but wonder where everything went. It seems that sometimes it goes by way too fast, like finally falling asleep then BAM you gotta get up.
BAM gotta get up

Mom says it’s time for school
BAM gotta get up,
Study hard and not be a fool
BAM gotta test up,
Make some nice friends
BAM time to suck up,
Finally going to graduate
BAM time to party up,
College or Job,
BAM gotta mature up,
Work real hard
BAM gotta save up,
Not ready for tomorrow
BAM hope it’s not fucked up,
The sun will always rise
BAM please don’t mess up,
Before you know it’s all been gone
all the time,
all the loving,
all the worrying,
all the struggling,
all the working,
all the laughing,
all the living,
all the feeling,
all the wondering,
all the regretting,
all the joy,
all the pain,
BAM and your time is up.


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