Choosing a theme for me

Looking at the blogging 101 assignments I missed I came across one that essentially wants us to  try out some new themes,  some we like and some we don’t to try to find the right image for our sites. But there is a problem.

The problem is both simple and complicated at the same time.  You see in the few weeks I’ve been at I have tried practically every free theme there is on offer.  Some I liked and some I really, really did not until I finally decided to stick with the Penscratch theme.  It’s nice, clean and works well across a range of devices, however it is not the theme I would choose for myself.  I have been using software for a number of years now, back since around the 2.X days and have grown quite used to being able to use any theme I wished regardless of where it came from.  Having to be restricted to the themes (while some being beautiful) that offers.  It was really difficult to choose one.

This is the first time I have had a website or blog where I didn’t have things like direct ftp access, the ability to upload plugins or modify php/htaccess files and the like, in a way it feels really restrictive although I do understand it from a security standpoint and unfortunately I simply do not have the money to upgrade my account or to pay for a self hosted site.  Then again I really love the features here at

Bottom line is that Penscratch is a beautiful theme, highly customizable and works for my needs, but it is far from my first choice for a free theme.


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