Insiders say Kindle is dying, paper books making a comeback

I came across this article in Business Insider earlier claiming that the Kindle is dying and that printed books are making a comeback and honestly this baffles me.

Why do these things always have to be all or nothing?  This is what I don’t understand, I mean I realize that eBooks are ‘the future’ and more and more people are consuming their media (in all forms) via digital formats on devices such as tablets.  Television, Books, Magazines, Newspapers and even full length Movies are being consumed on Laptops, Tablets etc but again, Why all or nothing?

The way I see it there will always be a place for “hard copies”, sure you can buy and eBook from Amazon or wherever you like, you can buy a subscription to a magazine through the Google Play store, you can rent moves and television from Netflix, however I don’t believe anything will really take the place of going to the movies with family and friends, of holding that book in your hand and turning the pages, of going to a concert or whatever it may be.  I don’t see as digital media as taking over and phasing out print/analog media but I see it as a companion.   For example I see the use of a Kindle as something that’s great for trips or for any type of travel.  Instead of carrying 5 books with you in a bag you can just load up one devices with hundreds to choose from.

I’ll end it there for now although I do have some more thoughts on this subject I will post later.  I just don’t want this to turn into a two thousand word incoherent rant until I have had the chance to form some of my thoughts.  Just wanted to comment on the article and my initial reaction to it.   It doesn’t have to be all or nothing, CD or Spotify, Book or Nook, Movie or Red box.  These things should compliment each other, not directly compete.

In what form do you consume media?  Good old fashion Analog?  New fangled Digital?  Or a combination of both?


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