What motivates me

I’ve been thinking about what I can improve and change in my own life in order to make it better to live in.

This has brought me to consider what exactly my motivation is since without the motivation there is no change.

What is motivation?

Quite simply motivation comes down to the literal desire to do things, but why do we want to do these things?  Some people do things to impress others, to cement themselves in history, to leave a legacy or even just to be a bit self-serving.  Life and family are my motivations.

I grew up not really having a family and the friends I did have decided to leave at the first sign of trouble. There really was no one around to guide me and now that I’m older I want that structure, I want that family I’ve never had.  I also want friends whom I can depend on, that I can share with and be around.

The people who motivate me

Before anything else there are a couple of people in my real life who are the main sources of inspiration for me.  I will not mention their names for privacy reasons but they know who they are. They are the reason I’m here writing, hitting the pavement and trying to be the best that I can be.

The Internet has also been a huge inspiration for me, particularly the very awesome people on Google + and Twitter. These people with their level of interactivity, constant feedback and general willingness to listen and engage in conversations is a constant motivation for me to be more social, to blog and to get my own thoughts and ideas out there.

What am I motivated to do?

Everyday I am just trying to survive but I want to change that, I want to completely change my life. I am motivated to take care of my body and I am motivated to get a permanent job and make something out of myself.  I am motivated to be the man I started out to be, to not just settle for things but to go out and earn my place.

With the proper dedication and a little bit of luck I CAN and WILL do it.  I will be posting about some of my personal updates as they come.

To all those who motivate me, I love and appreciate you all.  Please keep being the people who you are.

What motivates you?  Leave a comment and share the motivation or inspiration in your own life.


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