The uncle thing

We have my great nephew for a couple of days, three years old and full of energy, I’m sure you know the deal.  Only real bad part is while he’s here I pretty much have no access to my laptop.  Among other things he hasn’t learned how to keep his hands to himself yet. 

A couple of weekends ago I walked into my room to find he had erased half the files on my computer. After that I learned not to leave it where he can get to it. 

This post is being written from my tablet which is tethered to my phone for internet access.  At least its something.


2 thoughts on “The uncle thing

  1. I have a three year old son, so I completely understand. We make space on very high up shelves and the top of the fridge for important things like laptops and iPads and cell phones and eyeglasses and well, anything you don’t want broken. Forget what they say about the terrible twos. I think it’s terrible threes that are the worst.


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