Small update on #SnapGate

After a little while I typically like to look back at some of my earlier posts, especially the first one, and as my skills progress, try to rewrite and edit what I have written even though it hasn’t been too long.  Hindsight, as they say, is always 20/20 (but looking back it’s still a bit fuzzy).

Before I get to the rewrite I wanted to give a little update about what’s been happening since I last wrote about this.

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 There has been a battle being waged on  Twitter regarding Snapchat and their decisions to not support the Windows Phone platform.  Their decision not to offer support is one thing but they have gone so far as to ban users from the service permanently for using 3rd party clients such as 6Snap, and even managed to get all clients pulled from the store.

Rudy Huyn who is the developer of the most popular client for Windows Phone 6snap responded on twitter shortly after

There is also several petitions going around the Internet for Snapchat to bring an official client to Windows Phone or at least let people use 6snap.

As of this writing there has still been no word from Snapchat regarding possible future support for the platform, nor why they banned their users without just cause.  As I wrote in the original rant I don’t understand why people would still want Snapchat to release an official app based on their actions and my opinion stands on the matter.

Short rant regarding Snapchat rewritten

I don’t understand what people are thinking. I appreciate that Snapchat is a popular service but considering how they are treating their users by  permanently banning them with zero explanation as to why I don’t believe they deserve the patronage or support of the Windows Phone community.

In the email Snapchat sends to their users they state that using a 3rd party app could be insecure and urge people not to use them which is correct but that’s up to the user from then on to choose what to do so long as they are informed about the risks involved. Banning them because of their decision and need to use a 3rd party application is wrong and especially not commenting on the reasons behind it, or even acknowledging the situation  just shows a complete lack of care or respect for users of the Windows Phone platform.

Yet even after their actions and more importantly their inactions everyone still wants an official app? What about the people who can no longer use the service?  Are they to be reinstated if that happens?  Are they to be forgotten about?  Will they need to create another email and  a new account?

These users need some form of justice or compensation, an explanation and apology would be  a good start if Snapchat ever did officially support Windows Phone if I ever were to consider using the service again after all this. 6snap logo

In short I don’t feel Snapchat deserves any users or support from Windows Phone owners because they obviously don’t care about them.  Yes they are a corporation, however their actions are too deplorable in my own opinion.

The previous comment/rant was originally posted in the /r/windowsphone subreddit.

Do you use Windows Phone or Snapchat or do you know someone who does? What’s your take on this whole situation?


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