Eureka Moments: Posting vs Editing

It came to me out of the blue as I walked to the market to get eggs.  Suddenly what I needed to do became all to clear, as my grandma used to say “If it was a snake it would have bitten you”.

It was so obvious but I just didn’t think of it.  was trying to figure out what I could do to improve my writing skills, now I believe I have the answer, proper editing.

Some people out there have little to no problems their words flow out of them, are well structured, well put and eloquent with little need to edit.  Some people need to spend a bit more time to make their content look their best.  Some people (like myself) need quite a bit more time in order to look and sound our best.

My writing skills and vocabulary aren’t what they used to be, I acknowledge and accept this as an inevitability as I have not been in school for many years and until recently I haven’t done much writing over that time.   I have been reading a lot of other blogs, websites and a couple of books recently in order to boost my knowledge hopefully back up to where it was before, however it takes time.

The problem is that my mind works in strange ways and is not like many other people, for example I will navigate by landmark rather than by direction.  I cannot tell you where North is but I can say that Wal-Mart is down the street near the theater, across from the park with the big fountains.  My thought process involves associations that get chained together to form my final (and often times confusing) thought.

Look into the fridge, see a carrot in the drawer, think about rabbits, think about a rabbit skin hat, want to write about the American frontier.

I am now thinking about my writing the same way I would approach Photoshop,  and that is simply that the editing is more important than the writing.   With Photoshop I will draw out the basic image then spend the next few minutes to few hours editing and revising it until it is exactly what I want.

“I’m writing a first draft and reminding myself that I’m simply shoveling sand into a box so that later I can build castles.”
Shannon Hale

So then following the same procedures and applying it to my writing should be beneficial in the long run.  By spending an extra bit of time on editing my post (using a larger vocabulary, structuring the content etc.) the final product should be much  more clear, better structured and more comprehensible by a larger amount of people.

Of course it won’t be perfect in such a short amount of time but I only hope improvements will show over my previous style of just letting my thoughts flow out without much regard for how it was presented.

How much do you edit your posts?  Do you let it flow or do you spend an excessive amount of time revising.  Are you perhaps somewhere in the middle?


6 thoughts on “Eureka Moments: Posting vs Editing

  1. I’ve always been one to edit and then re-edit, but that’s just my personality and has been all the way through school. I don’t think there is necessarily a right or wrong way to writing blog posts, except for staying true to your own style. That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed this post and found it engaging, throughout, and not confusing to follow in the least.

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    1. I feel it’s essentially up to the person as I said in the post, some people need more editing then usual. I am one of those who needs heavy editing. Thank you for reading and I am glad you liked it, this post is an example of what I can do with proper editing. You should have seen the first draft haha


  2. It takes hours for me to edit one post. When I write, my initial draft flows, but my problem is that it flows way too much. My drafts sound like I’m babbling for well over a 2000 word count. I have to narrow it down and edit, an awful lot. Your example of the carrot in the fridge, to the rabbit, to the rabbit hat, to the American Frontier is exactly how my brain works while I’m writing (and in everyday life). My brain thinks of connections, much quicker than I can process them and type them out. While I’m editing, my brain is still trying to add things. I had an English Professor in college who I talked to about this, because it frustrated me -it still does. He told me that it was a great problem to have. Huh? Apparently, it’s easier to have a multitude of thoughts and edit them, than to have a difficult time coming up with subject matter at all. I like this post you wrote. I’m very curious to know what other thoughts are on this. By the way, it took me about twenty minutes to edit this comment, in order to be happy enough to post.

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    1. I can understand the whole “great problem to solve” thing. You get things down “on paper” and from there you can revise and shrink things down….well I can’t really say anything without just echoing what you had already posted. Other then that, you can take the excess and possibly turn that into a whole new post if you really wanted to.

      You mean you are curious what my thoughts on editing are, or just thoughts in general?

      Funny thing is that comments to me I don’t see the need to edit at all. A post is more like a writing a formal letter where as a comment is a friendly chat.

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      1. I never thought about taking the excess and turning it into a whole new post. That would save me a lot of time.

        I’m very curious about everyone’s thoughts on editing. This is a very interesting subject, and sometimes I wonder how other’s operate. I hope you get even more comments under here, because I want to read them.

        I totally agree, there is no need to edit comments. I think it’s part of my mild OCD. I’m working at being a bit more informal with my chatting when it comes to comments. You make a very good point about that. This comment only took me one minute, and I didn’t edit it. 🙂


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