I’m picky because it’s MINE

Sometimes I wonder why I am so picky when it comes to choosing the right theme for my blog or any of the other websites I’ve had over the years.

It just comes down to the fact that it’s mine.  It’s my space on the web, my home for whatever it is I decide to post, upload, share so why wouldn’t I be picky about it?

You want your home to be decorated in such a way that is a reflection of the type of person that you are, the creativity you bring, the thoughts you have and if it isn’t a way that’s suited to you then it just feels very uncomfortable and out-of-place.  I am most certainly the type of person who will spend days trying out different configurations and options until I am satisfied and even then the satisfaction doesn’t last too long.

Creativity is ever evolving, my thoughts are ever evolving, life is ever evolving so I cannot feel satisfied with just one style.  What scratches my itch today will annoy the hell out of me tomorrow and I understand that can also be annoying to others as well so I will soon try to stick with something for a while.

This is the entire reason I prefer to have a self hosted WordPress blog but right now I cannot afford a host and the free sub-domain hosting services just aren’t very good.  The last website I had where the company promised 98% uptime for free accounts ended up going down the majority of the time and my website wasn’t accessible for long periods.  After that I kind of just gave up and decided to come to WordPress.com instead.

“A man cannot be comfortable
without his own approval.”
Mark Twain

I still don’t feel comfortable because I like full control over my website, the ability to use ANY theme I want, the ability to use ANY plug-in I want, the ability to fine tune ANY part of my website.   For now though I need to use what I’ve got and make the most of it, that is until I can find a sub-domain that I can actually live with.

I feel that being picky about your website is a completely normal and healthy thing.  You want to represent yourself well and you want others to see and (hopefully) appreciate what it is that you bring, your personality, style and your own personal charms.  If I were to ever be completely satisfied then in my mind it’s almost as if I no longer wish to grow.

How do you feel about this?  Are you constantly changing things or have you found your style through the theme you have already chosen?


What do you have to say?

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