Blogging comfort food

I believe we have all been there, you start/restart/continue your blog and inevitably many people will run into a wall.  You may get a little tired of posting the same format everyday so why not change it up?  Maybe you are too comfortable.

Even the most comfortable pillow goes flat

Posting the same types of content all the time is great to stay comfortable with what you do.  You are experienced at writing short stories or posting photo essays because “that’s what you do” but after a while it can feel a little stale, both to you and your readers.  Some people do it out of the love for a particular style (poetry perhaps) yet some do it because they are afraid of stepping out of that proverbial box in fear of not being good at it or losing readers.   I am in the latter camp, seeing as how it’s been a while since I have stretched my creative muscles I fear I may try something different and just fall flat on my face, but then you never know until you try

Ain’t nothing to it but to do it

Regardless of your worries or trepidations it’s good and sometimes necessary to change-up the posting style.  Writing in a blog for me feels like eating comfort food like mashed potatoes.

Yummy another poem, but I want something different tonight
Yummy another poem, but I want something different tonight

It’s delicious and satisfying but you wouldn’t want to eat it everyday, nor do I feel my readers want to be served the same thing everyday.  Besides if I/we never go beyond that comfort zone how would I expect to ever grow as a writer?  Even if I trip and fall a couple of times, trying something new should be worth it.  All ya gotta do is….just do it.  Try something new and different and you never know, perhaps you’ll find a style that you love and never would have known otherwise.

What to do now?

What I’m going to do is just try out a few new things such as a possible weekly serial or an attempt at a short story.  I am also going to find more blogs with a variety of styles so I can read, learn, adapt and share.  Learn to grow and grow to learn is the best way of going about it.  Hopefully here in the near future there will be more posts, more variety and an overall better experience for us all.

Have you tried any new styles?  What types have you tried and how did it work out for you?  Let me know in the comments. 


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