For the service

While I personally do not have any heroes of my own, I do respect and admire those who are heroes to many in their own unique ways.

For the service

Many don’t quite understand the sacrifices that have been made

the many hours of sleepless nights, the watching, waiting, worrying

Many other don’t quite know all that you do for us

Standing guard against the night , steadfast against anything

I know the loneliness and pain all to well of being away from home

To do your duty when you are called so far so alone

But to all of you who have taken the oath and proudly serve

I let you know that we are here for you, and we are proud

So lead on for the rest of us, a new path you will carve

I honor all of you, those who promise to stay for the service.

For the service ~ Blog graphic for my for the service post.

Photo Credit: Defence Images via Compfight cc
*The Image was modified from its original by me.


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