Tis a strange beast that there blogging is

Here in my early days of sitting down and really giving a full attempt at being a blogger I have learned many things already.  I have learned (or am learning) what makes for a visually impressive post, how to solicit engagement, how to engage with others and many other things.

But one of the biggest things that I have learned is that blogging, or at least personal blogging, is a very counterintuitive, very strange beast.

Personal blogging, is it really for you? Or someone else..

As a personal blogger one would normally sit at their computer and write about items that they find interesting, or on their days events, family gatherings, perhaps a first date.  You learn to write for yourself first and then make it more comfortable for others to read after getting your thoughts, feelings, emotions down on “paper” but therein lies the interesting part.  Other people do read your blog.

It’s interesting to me because what satisfies your creative itch and how a person writes will often times not be very well suited for others tastes.  That is to say, what comes out of my head can and often times will put people off from wanting to read it.  Especially with someone like myself who tries to be as open and brutally honest as I can (while maintaining tact of course) which gets me into trouble quite often although I do try to make it more digestible.

The question then becomes, when you write a personal blog of your own thoughts, ideas, opinions or whatever you may wish to write out, but then have to edit it as to make it more palatable (possibly even needing to change words or whole phrases) is the blog really your opinions anymore?  Or does it just mean you are simply stating your opinions in a different, more acceptable phrasing?  I’d like to know your opinions on this in a comment

Be true to yourself


Speaking of opinion, mine on this matter is to write to make yourself happy, always be true to yourself because at the end of the day if you aren’t happy writing it then why are you writing it?  Moreover why would you ever expect anyone else to be happy with reading it?

I think I will end this with a quote from one of the individuals whom I have looked up to as a blogger and social media guru:

Above all else, be true to yourself. Don’t be someone or something you’re not. Be uniquely you because that is your secret sauce.

Nobody else has the perspective, experiences, and thought process as you in the same combination of skills, knowledge and insight. The more true you can be to yourself, the better you can relate to your ideal audience.

–Dustin Stout

*Quote from Dustin’s blog

How you approach your own personal blog and how you present your feelings/opinions in the comments.


2 thoughts on “Tis a strange beast that there blogging is

  1. Your blog posts are highly thought provoking. One part, in particular, got me thinking. I do try to tone down my bluntness and my sarcasm to make it more digestible to others. I still let it come through in some of my more humorous posts, though. Hmm? I’ll have to spend more time thinking about this.

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