2014 Resolution Report

I had completely forgotten all about my new years resolutions.  No matter though because I think I have done pretty well.

But let’s go ahead and revisit the resolutions I made for the year 2014 and find out how well I kept them.

The New Year approaches

Woo it’s nearly 2015, almost time to grab something to drink, grab your loved one and make resolutions for the coming year.


Oh, wait a second, what about the resolutions for 2014?  Did you get any of those done?  Did I get any of mine done?  I had completely forgotten about it somewhere around the beginning of summer.  I always get distracted by my birthday and I guess this year it must have pushed out the resolutions and I never did think of them again till just now.  Well OK let’s look back at what they were and how I fared for the year and who knows.

So, how did I do? *shields eyes*

  1. Well off the bat one resolution I know I didn’t keep was the resolution to take better care of myself, both physically and mentally.  While I am much more mindful about what I do I did not accomplish the goal of getting the gym membership or quitting smoking (Although I have switched to a vape 75% of the time)
  2. Next resolution was to be able to have some money saved for the holidays…..nope.  While I did have some money saved the fact that I’m working through an agency means long potential periods of unemployment and thus the money was spent on life.
  3. Third resolution I will count a success and that was the resolution to build my online presence.  To make people aware of me on various social media sites and so far I have done well.  This, however, is something that is more of a long-term goal then a mere new year’s resolution.  It can take a while from being an unknown commenter to someone with connections in the social media/blogging world.  I used Google Plus quite religiously, I logged into Twitter for a change and now use it quite frequently, Facebook is well….I just don’t care much for Facebook.  I have met a few quite influential people and made some great connections.
  4. The fourth and final resolution I had made for 2014 and has been a success was to finally get myself off of the streets.  I had spent way too long being homeless and I scratched and clawed every day to get out.  As chance would have it my sister ended up being my savior and picking me up to come stay with her.  That is where I am now, in my room writing this post.

Let’s add these suckers up and get our grade

Final score and what’s unfinished:

  1. Being Healthier  ☒
  2. Save Money  ☒
  3. Social Media Novice  ☑
  4. Have a place to stay  ☑

For a grand total of 2/4 or 50% of my resolutions completed, and that was after completely forgetting about them sometime in June that’s not too bad really.  Next thing to do is come up with some resolutions for 2015, but I’ve got a few more days to worry about that.

Did you do everything you set out to do?  Did you even try?  Let me know in the comments.

Featured Photo Credit: Peter Hutchins via Compfight cc

2 thoughts on “2014 Resolution Report

  1. my resolutions I did not accomplish but this year I truly am going to try I feel like I need to make some big changes in my life and I want to put all my effort into them and do it so I can be a better person a better friend and wife and sister and so on…..budget money ummmm lose weight, change my house and yes be a better Christian.


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