Youngsters online…

Sometimes these ‘kids’ online (like barely 18) annoy me, where did the smug and arrogant attitude come from?  I know I wasn’t that way when I was that age.

Perhaps it’s just a different time I don’t know for sure.  But damn kid, lose the attitude.

Youngsters Online

You think that you know me but haven’t got a clue

So just quit talking cause you are acting like a fool

Go ahead and judge me on my age and my profile pic

All that does is make you an arrogant little shit

Want to act like the world needs to be on your hand

It’s time to grow up and act like a man

The attitude you show won’t win you ANY friends

With nothing but smug no one wins

But you are still young and have much time to grow

So understanding and maturity is what I must show

Hard lessons will be coming your way

And really that’s all I have got to say.



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