Strange connections

Isn’t it quite strange and often times funny the connections we make?  Things that have absolutely nothing to do with each other suddenly become synonymous with one another for whatever reason.

Sometimes it happens via pain, your boyfriend/girlfriend whom you love breaks up with you ending a long relationship while your favorite song is playing and so that song becomes nothing more than a reminder of the pain you felt.  It can happen via joy, you reunite with a good friend after many years and the smell of the coffee from a nearby Starbucks becomes the source of fond memories from there on out.

Then sometimes it just doesn’t make any dang sense at all.

I can remember years ago when my ex-wife and I had our daughter.  We were running ragged because not only was she lactose intolerant causing her to only accept certain soy formulas and causing her to “go” more often but that was even compounded by her having colic as well.

We went through boxes upon boxes of diapers, cases of formula, I spent DAYS awake trying to rock and console her it was stressful, it was irritating….it was joyful.  Back on point, there was another young couple in our complex that would cook up Spanish rice what seemed like every single day, and the smell permeated our apartment.  I did not even think about it much then I mean I’m sitting there with a 3 month old little girl so why would I be concerned about someone cooking rice?

Shortly after that my ex-wife and I started having issues and she ended up forcing me to leave our place.  After another month or so of battling we became civil enough with each other to where I would come by every weekend to pick up my daughter for a couple of hours to spend time with her and there was something familiar.

The first time I walked back into the complex, back towards our apartment I caught a whiff of that familiar smell and my mind got flooded with memories of……changing my daughters diapers?  It was the strangest thing but I didn’t make the connection for another few weeks when I realized that I started thinking about changing diapers every time the scent hit my nostrils.  Still to this day when I smell Spanish rice 90% of the time that is what I think about.

CauseAndEffect_PostOur minds and memories really do work in very strange ways, there should be no connection there what so ever and yet it’s permanently linked inside me. We are fascinating and extremely confusing creatures.
Cause, Meet Effect


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