Random thoughts and a bit of appreciation

There is something that I have been noticing lately and I am curious if it happens to anyone else?  Heck for all I know it could be a very common thing for bloggers and writers in general.

I’ve noticed though that nearly all my posts start off being about one thing and end up being about something else.  It can be just a bit of a deviation from the original idea or it can be a completely new topic all together.  I blame the way my mind works for that one.

I mention that because I started to write this here post about “Blogging about blogging” and now it’s completely changed.  I ventured off to a couple of websites to look up general tips and things to incorporate into it and got motivated to write this sort of thank you to those bloggers who give out advice and tips (even though there is a slim chance they will ever see this).

I want to show my appreciation for WordPress.com and their various sites such as The Daily Post not only for making it super easy to get started but for taking their own time to try to teach people who are new and people who are not so new how to be a better writer.


This is now the following morning, I am not exactly sure where I was trying to go exactly.  Heck writing about this (besides showing appreciation of course) may have just been an excuse to have something to write about.  Not that it’s a bad thing mind you, if something compels you to sit down and put your thoughts down “on paper” then in my eyes it can’t be anything but good.


What do you have to say?

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