First post 2.0

That certainly didn’t take very long.  Not two days after I start this blog I need/want to change my introduction post.  That’s ok though because now I actually have SOME idea of what to actually say.

So first of all let me say thank you for stopping by and also wonder… did you get this far lost?  I kid of course, Welcome

Always Be you (1)

First some basics

Seeing as how this is an introduction post I guess I will introduce myself.   In a ‘professional’ online level I am a beginner blogger, I am a gamer, I am a forum poster, I am a Linux/tech junkie and manga reader all of which you will learn more about as time goes on and I post more.

On the more personal side,  My name is Kenny, I am currently 35 and living in California.  Currently unemployed by any stable company (working temp jobs here and there), I live with my sister and her husband who rescued me from my life of homelessness.

Just giving you a heads up

I am…..not quite like other people.  I strive to be as unique as I possibly can be as one thing I am not OK with being is generic.  I like to stand out of the crowd, I’ve been the class clown, the ‘weird’ kid, I’ve been top in my class.

Everything I have done and everything I will do is designed to distinguish me from the crowd.

I have legally died 3 times, I have been on the streets many years, I have been in the military which allowed me to travel the world on 4 separate occasions.  I have had residence in three countries including the united states, I have felt joy and pain, love and loss, excitement and heartache.  I have been fortunate enough to live more in these 35 years then most can do in two lifetimes and this is the basis of my blog.

What you may find here

This brings me to writing style since I am a bit different.   If you come to my blog expecting 100% polished posts and stories containing perfect prose and a high vocabulary I’m sorry to say you may be disappointed.  While I do correct errors, fact check and try to present things in a nice manner I also try to keep my posting as close to what’s inside my head as possible.  I like having more of a ‘off the cuff’ style to my blogs.  This will likely change in time as my thinking also changes.

So welcome to my blog, I appreciate ALL feedback which you can do either on my Appreciation page or in my Contact page look forward to seeing you all here.



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