Day after day

Creative writing is much like riding a bike, you just need to hop back on and ride again.  This particular bike however has a torn seat, rusty rims, flat tires and a broken chain.

Nothing will improve unless I work to fix it so let’s get it started. This is my first poem in probably around 13 years.

Day After Day

I sit right here amongst all this haze,

I’ve been here for what seem like days.

Not doing any more then what I’m required,

I haven’t done anything and yet I’m still so tired.

The sun will rise and tomorrow will come,

I hope it’s a good day because I could sure use one.

But in the end you just never can say,

What could possibly happen day after day.



3 thoughts on “Day after day

  1. Hii kenny, It’s owe-sum. You wrote it so beautifully specially the section of the words. You wrote the whole story just in few lines it’s owe-sum. I do must learn a lot of things from you. Keep it up


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