Month: December 2014

End of year blues

I write this with a heavy head, the end of the year always kind of get’s to me for whatever reason.  I think it may be because it’s one day similar to your birthday that really personifies the passage of time.  It reminds you that ANOTHER year has gone by, then I naturally look at where I am at and wonder what I am doing.

I mean I am trying, I try all the time, I am very happy with myself and all things considered my life could be MUCH WORSE it’s just that at 35 this is not where I imagined I would be.  The years seem to be getting shorter as well making the crunch all the more painful and worrying.

I am sure this probably sounded like some sort of depressed teenagers post about his cat not looking at him or whatever, honestly my situation brings me down but I am just fine.  The holidays just get to me.  Well this is more or less just a status update post anyway.  Due to the holidays, family, some unexpected goings on and general life stuff there is a chance I won’t be around until middle of the first week in January.  I will at least try to jump on, respond to comments, probably do my quotes but can’t promise too much more than that.

Hopefully I don’t need to take a few days,  but just in case.


The uncle thing

We have my great nephew for a couple of days, three years old and full of energy, I’m sure you know the deal.  Only real bad part is while he’s here I pretty much have no access to my laptop.  Among other things he hasn’t learned how to keep his hands to himself yet. 

A couple of weekends ago I walked into my room to find he had erased half the files on my computer. After that I learned not to leave it where he can get to it. 

This post is being written from my tablet which is tethered to my phone for internet access.  At least its something.

Eureka Moments: Posting vs Editing

It came to me out of the blue as I walked to the market to get eggs.  Suddenly what I needed to do became all to clear, as my grandma used to say “If it was a snake it would have bitten you”.

It was so obvious but I just didn’t think of it.  was trying to figure out what I could do to improve my writing skills, now I believe I have the answer, proper editing.